Vermont Senator: Health Insurance Firms Should Be 'Afraid' of Government

Sen. Bernie Sanders launches attack on healthcare industry, and admits companies should fear prospect of 'a strong Medicare-type public plan.'

Nets Highlight Obama's Hug at Health Forum; CNN: 'Bold Display of Presidential Concern'

Network reporters swooned over President Barack Obama hugging a woman, who has cancer and lacks insurance, at his Wednesday "town hall" on health care, as both CNN - where Suzanne Malveaux ...

ABC Plugs ObamaCare Again

'View' teams with Fortune magazine editor to support president's health insurance plan to fix 'disaster.'

The Audacity of Speed

How much havoc can Obama wreak before our buyer's remorse catches up with him?

ABC Endorses ObamaCare Premise: 'The Need is Obvious'

Hours before ABC's prime time special with President Obama from the White House, a World News piece conveyed the public's doubts that Obama will achieve his goals, but also endorsed Obama's ...

DeMint, Price Cry Foul on ObamaCare Proposals: President Has 'Not Been Telling the Truth'

Congressional Republicans claim Obama's health care plan will disrupt the free market and replace private insurance.

We are a part of an Indoctri-nation

Media push for Obama-care downplays privacy dangers of electronic medical records.

CBS Confirms ObamaCare Would Oust People from Health Insurance and Doctor

CBS, of all news outlets, is setting a high standard for ABC to meet in its White House broadcasts. Tuesday night, just a week after a "Reality Check" on how President Obama's claim that his ...

CNN's Campbell Brown: 'Why Not Be Open to Trying' ObamaCare?

CNN's Campbell Brown used a proponent's own talking point about Obama's health plan as she pressed a doctor over his skepticism of the project during her Monday program: "There's plenty of ...
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