The Best of Notable Quotables; December 16, 1996

Vol. Nine; No. 26

Al Gore Risky Tax Cut Scheme Award

CBS reporter Eric Engberg: "....Okay, how about Forbes' number
one wackiest flat tax promise?"
Steve Forbes: "Parents would have more time to spend with their
children, and with each other."
Former IRS commissioner Donald Alexander: "That's right. The sky
would be blue all the time."
Engberg: "The fact is, the flat tax is one giant untested theory.
One economist suggested that before we risk putting it in, we
ought to try it out someplace, like maybe Albania. Eric Engberg,
CBS News, Washington."

-- Conclusion of February 8 CBS Evening News Reality Check segment on the Forbes flat tax . [102 points]


"Americans are forever grumbling about high taxes and big
government. You'd think promising a tax cut would be like giving
away free candy....Everybody knows what happens when you eat too
much candy. You get cavities. You get sick. You get fat... `Candy?' Dole says. 'No thank you,' the voters reply. `We're feeling much better now and we don't want to get sick again.' Dr. Dole and Dr. Kemp are supply-side specialists. They have a revolutionary theory that says `Candy is good for you! More tax cuts, more growth. More growth, more income.' Now what a terrific theory! And so what if Democratic doctors say they are a couple of quacks. Gene [Randall], have some candy!"

-- CNN analyst Bill Schneider on Inside Politics, September 14. [78]

"[Steve Forbes] is changing the debate in a really sorry way.
This was the week that we left an honest attempt to do something
about entitlements and we traveled into cloud cuckoo land, which
is where the flat tax is."

-- Newsweek Washington Bureau Chief Evan Thomas, January 20 Inside Washington. [45]