The Best of Notable Quotables; December 16, 1996

Vol. Nine; No. 26

Timothy McVeigh Award (for Blaming Conservatives for Violence)

"The torching of black churches throughout the South punctuates
the ugly rhetoric of the Buchanan campaign....In fact, all the
conservative Republicans, from Newt Gingrich to Pete Wilson, who
have sought political advantage by exploiting white resentment
should come and stand in the charred ruins of the New Liberty
Baptist Church in Tyler [Alabama]...and wonder if their coded
phrases encouraged the arsonists. Over the past 18 months, while
Republicans fulminated about welfare and affirmative action, more
than 20 churches in Alabama and six other Southern and Border
states have been torched....there is already enough evidence to
indict the cynical conservatives who build their political
careers, George Wallace-style, on a foundation of race-baiting.
They may not start fires, but they fan the flames."

-- Time national correspondent Jack E. White, March 18 issue. [130


"But he is worse than oblivious to the political sewage. It is
the medium he has chosen to swim in. Sometimes this evil nonsense
takes the form of language....In waging the culture wars, he
introduces a hateful ethnic dimension. Almost all the 20th
century's horrors (the slaughter of the Armenians, Stalin's
starvation of the Ukrainian kulaks, the Hitler Holocaust) have
begun with a demonization of others. Buchanan has a genius for
techniques that bundle his enemies together and subtly satanize

-- Time essayist Lance Morrow on Pat Buchanan, March 4.