The Best of Notable Quotables; December 16, 1996

Vol. Nine; No. 26

Craig Livingstone Award (for Clinton Scandal Denial)

"If Ken Starr is a credible prosecutor he will bring this to a
conclusion and the Clintons will be exonerated."

-- Newsweek's Eleanor Clift on independent counsel Ken Starr's investigation, February 10 McLaughlin Group. [76 points]


"Have you any doubt that Kenneth Starr and his deputies are
pursuing an agenda that is purely political?"
"Bobby McDaniel, you said that your client is being used as a
political pawn. Have you any legal recourse but to sit there and
watch this unfold?"
"Given that you think this is all just a Republican witch hunt,
do you expect the pressure to ease somewhat after the election?"

-- Some of Bryant Gumbel's questions to former Clinton business
partner and convicted felon Susan McDougal and her attorney,
September 17 Today.[69]

"In a year when you talk about corporations who give $25,000
chunks of money, why are people particularly outraged when people
with last names like Cabrera and people from India and Korea and
Indonesia and China all of a sudden get -- there just seems to be
a lot of foreigner bashing as a subtext in some of the

-- NBC News reporter Gwen Ifill on PBS's Washington Week in Review, October 25. Cabrera is now serving a 19-year sentence for smuggling 6,000 pounds of cocaine into the U.S.[61]

"It's not impossible that some peripheral venality was involved
(if anyone asked Livingstone for, say, travel factotum Billy
Dale's FBI file, I'm sure he'd prove useful). But a massive
conspiracy to gather dirt on the opposition? Oh, please... Gradually, even the most rabid partisans on the committee seemed to understand they were confronted with a case of serious  numbskullery rather than clever skullduggery....But if Clinton does survive this pounding, it may mean the revulsion against the  -gate' phenomenon -- 20 years of ever-diminishing scandals -- is now more intense than the disgust caused by any individual charge. If so, it would be the President's most memorable public service." 

-- Newsweek Senior Editor Joe Klein on the FBI files story, July 8. [34]