The Best of Notable Quotables; December 16, 1996

Vol. Nine; No. 26

Freddy Krueger Award (for Campaign Coverage Nastiness)

"Some of your staff members, not by name, have been saying `Yes,
the President thinks Bob Dole is a nice person and has been a
pretty good leader in some ways, but, say they, he's been
captured by extremists in the Republican Party, the radical part
of the Republican Party, including Newt Gingrich.' Is that what
you think?"

-- Dan Rather interviewing President Clinton, August 18 60 Minutes. [86 points]


"The politics of Campaign '96 are getting very ugly, very early.
Today Bob Dole accused the White House of using the FBI to wage
war against its political enemies, and if that sounds like
another political scandal, that's the point."

-- NBC anchor Brian Williams just as the FBI files story broke, June 8 Nightly News. [66]

"I know that was a major goal of the Dole campaign [in the
debate], to make sure people saw this compassionate side of Bob
Dole. Do you think that he is in some ways paying the price for a
Republican Congress that enacted, or tried to enact measures, in
the views of many were simply too harsh or too draconian?"

-- Katie Couric to Elizabeth Dole, October 8 Today. [58]