The Best of Notable Quotables; December 16, 1996

Vol. Nine; No. 26

If the Bias Fits, We Won't Admit Award (for Bias Denial)

"When you're talking about pure journalists, I mean reporters,
when you're talking about reporters, not columnists, I don't
think there's any liberal bias. I don't think there really ever
has been."

-- Los Angeles Times Senior Washington correspondent Jack Nelson on CNBC's Politics '96, March 9. [71 points]


"People are just stunned. It's such a wacky charge, and a weird
way to go about it....I don't know what Bernie was driving at. It
just sounds bizarre."

-- CBS News Chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer on CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg's charge of liberal bias made in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, quoted by Howard Kurtz in the February 15 Washington Post. [67]

Larry King: "Over all these fifteen years, how do you react to
the constant, especially, far right-wing criticism that the news
on CBS is mainstream biased?"
Dan Rather: "...Well, my answer to that is basically a good Texas
phrase, which is bullfeathers....I think the fact that if someone
survives for four or five years at or near the top in network
television, you can just about bet they are pretty good at
keeping independence in their reporting. What happens is a lot of
people don't want independence. They want the news reported the
way they want it for their own special political agendas or
ideological reasons."

-- CNN's Larry King Live, March 11. [49]