The Best of Notable Quotables; December 16, 1996

Vol. Nine; No. 26

Chris Dodd Talking Points Award (for Republican Convention

"Do you think this is a party that is dominated by men and this
convention is dominated by men as well...Do you think before
tonight they thought very much what happens in America with

-- Tom Brokaw to rape victim Jan Licence after her victims-rights speech, August 13 convention coverage.[80 points]


"It was grand TV, well-scripted, well-staged, craftily designed
for a broadcast image of tolerance and diversity that's starkly
at odds with reality."

-- ABC's Jim Wooten on Colin Powell's speech at the Republican convention, August 13 World News Tonight. [74]

"TV viewers saw a well-orchestrated image of a moderated
Republican Party, portraying itself as pro-woman, pro-minorities,
and pro-tolerance. This is in sharp contrast to the delegates on
the floor, sixty percent of whom self-identified as conservative

-- NBC Radio News/Westwood One reporter Bonnie Erbe hosting To the Contrary on PBS, August 16. [61]