The Best of Notable Quotables; December 23, 1991

Vol. Four; No. 26

Long Dong Silver Award (for Exaggerated Indignation)

“The days of Simpson Chic are over. Now he is more often compared to Red-baiter Joe McCarthy. The image of Simpson flinging open his jacket and declaring he had lots of ‘stuff’ against Anita Hill – while revealing nothing – was the lowest of many low points in the Clarence Thomas hearings. Any Senator with a sense of history should have said, as attorney Joseph Welch eventually did to McCarthy, ‘Senator, have you no shame?’....[Simpson] is writing a book about the media – a little like Stalin discussing intergovernmental relations.”

Newsweek Washington reporter Eleanor Clift, October 28 news story.  


“I’ve been in this town for 21 years, and they play a vicious brand of politics in Washington. Washington can be a mean town. This was as vicious a fight as I’ve ever seen except it was totally one-sided....When you had Alan Simpson standing up there like Joe McCarthy, reaching in his pockets and saying ‘I’m getting stuff through faxes, and all over the country,’ he sounded just like Joe McCarthy, let’s face it. And you had Arlen Specter, who was a prosecutor at one time, saying that she committed perjury, when probably you couldn’t find another prosecutor in the country that would tell you that she had committed perjury.”

Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau Chief Jack Nelson on Washington Week in Review, October 18.

“Arlen Specter accused her of perjury. If you read the record, Arlen Specter was the one who distorted what she said. Orrin Hatch even suggested that she got one of her charges by reading The Exorcist, I mean that she was besieged by demons. Orrin should really stick to talking dirty. He does that better. Alan Simpson, for those of us who were too young to know what Joe McCarthy was really like, Alan Simpson showed us. ‘I have in my pocket two dozen card-carrying smearers against this awful woman,’ and then he produced those smears, those bombshells, and they were duds.”

Wall Street Journal Washington Bureau Chief Al Hunt on CNN’s Capital Gang, October 19.