The Best of Notable Quotables; December 23, 1991

Vol. Four; No. 26

Award for the Silliest Analysis

“The earth is home, and all its refugees, its homeless, sometimes seem a sort of advance guard of apocalypse. They represent a principle of disintegration – the fate of homelessness generalized to a planetary scale....The flesh is home: African nomads without houses decorate their faces and bodies instead. The skull is home. We fly in and out of it on mental errands. The highly developed spirit becomes a citizen of its own mobility, for home has been internalized and travels with the homeowner. Home, thus transformed: is freedom. Everywhere you hang your hat is home. Home is the bright light under the hat.”

Time “Essay” by Senior Writer Lance Morrow, December 24, 1990.


“Politicians led a victory parade of ga-ga worship, with people hugging tanks that have vacuumed billions from social programs. The Supreme Court ordered family planning centers to help keep women barefoot and pregnant by not telling poor women about abortion, while Congress refuses to appropriate enough funds to feed poor children. And the President says his big-deal domestic programs are highways and executions. Meanwhile, the S&L and banking fiascos flash around the country Willie Horton-style, raping not only women but men and children yet unborn.”

USA Today “Inquiry” Editor Barbara Reynolds, June 14.

“Oh say, we’ve seen too much. The Star-Spangled Banner pushes like a cough through America’s mouth and the twilight’s last gleaming is just that, a sickly flash above our heads as we ride unsuspecting in the bellies of sleek trains, plop to our knees in churches, embracing truths that disgust us.”

Boston Globe arts critic and “poet” Patricia Smith in The Nation's “Patriotism” issue, July 15/22.

Can Lawns Be Justified?
Awash in fertilizers and pesticides, they may be a hazard to homeowners – and children, pets and neighbors

Time, June 3