The Best of Notable Quotables; December 23, 1991

Vol. Four; No. 26

Wilson-Weicker Tax Hike Advocacy Award

“American tax rates today are, relatively speaking, low. Repeat, low. About half the top rate in the rest of the industrialized world. Our sales taxes are equally low. Fact: the United States is a tax bargain, believe it or not. The difference, of course, is that in other countries, people see their tax money coming back to them to make life more agreeable and secure. In Western Europe, health care for everyone. In Scandinavia, day care centers for mothers and children. In Japan, modern, efficient cities that work.”

NBC Nightly News anchor Garrick Utley on October 19, Taxpayers Action Day.


“Every Governor in America last year could have recited the Jim Florio rule of political survival: never mount an honest attack against a state deficit. The New Jersey Governor, who combined service cuts with the highest tax hike in the state’s history, was all but tarred and feathered for his efforts. But now, with at least 29 states facing potential deficits, Florio’s approach is beginning to seem almost prescient.”

-- Time Associate Editor Priscilla Painton, March 4.

“If you’re going to raise a child who escapes this cycle [of poverty], you’re going to have to start a little earlier. And that requires money – M-O-N-E-Y. Read my lips. And it’s something this nation still isn’t ready to commit to...without the hard billions of dollars, lots of money which must come from you dear taxpayers, we’re not going to do this.”

– Sam Donaldson on This Week with David Brinkley, June 23.