The Best of Notable Quotables; December 23, 1991

Vol. Four; No. 26

Damn Those Conservatives Award

“You big [expletive]....You are so full of [expletive]. You are an evil man....I don’t have to listen to this [expletive]. You’re a bitter and evil man and all your colleagues hate you.”

– NPR’s Nina Totenberg to Senator Alan Simpson after Nightline, as Simpson told The Washington Post, October 9.


“Twelve million American children who do not have enough to eat, who lack adequate health care, and who are behind in schools and being left behind in life. Much of our broadcast will be dedicated to that. Which makes the major news in Washington today seem even more of a contrast. The President’s Chief of Staff, John Sununu, is at the center of attention again having to do with his use of limousines and corporate jets.”

– ABC’s Peter Jennings opening the June 18 World News Tonight.

Hays Gorey, Senior Correspondent: “Well, (Republican Sen. John) McCain has got this ad hoc group of superpatriots that he’s organizing.”
Jerome Cramer, NASA & Technology Correspondent: “They wear brown shirts and march around. Small potatoes.”

– Exchange from February 8 Time Washington bureau meeting aired on C-SPAN.