The Best of Notable Quotables; December 24, 1990

Vol. Three; No. 26

Media Hero Award/Abroad

"Ortega’s defeat is something American Presidents had sought for ten years. Yet Ortega’s statesman-like acceptance of the voters’ decision has prompted some in Washington to call the Sandinista leader a champion of democracy."

-- Today co-host Deborah Norville before interview with Daniel Ortega, April 24.

"We talked to one observer who told us that if he were awarding the Nobel Prize, he would nominate Mikhail Gorbachev and Daniel Ortega. What do you think of that?"

-- one of Norville’s questions to Ortega.


"Fidel [Castro] touched this young machine adjuster, and the man enjoyed a mild ecstasy. I know the feeling." 

-- Institute for Policy Studies Senior Fellow Saul Landau in his pro-Castro documentary The Uncompromising Revolution, aired along with Nobody Listened on PBS August 8.

"Mandela leaves as a principled man, with all but the dullards understanding why he would embrace the Palestinians, whose children are being killed and family homes bulldozed in Israel just as black families’ are in Soweto....Moreover, if Mandela is a terrorist -- as conservatives have called him -- he would fit right in with U.S. patriots such as George Washington, Patrick Henry, Nat Turner, and Harriet Tubman. If it had not been for those terrorists, what would we have to wave our flags about on the Fourth of July?"

-- USA Today Inquiry Editor Barbara Reynolds, June 29.