The Best of Notable Quotables; December 24, 1990

Vol. Three; No. 26

Bring Back the Iron Curtain Award


"This is Marlboro country, southeastern Poland, a place where the transition from communism to capitalism is making more people more miserable every day....No lines at the shops now, but plenty at some of the first unemployment centers in a part of the world where socialism used to guarantee everybody a job."

-- CBS News reporter Bert Quint on the April 11 CBS Evening News.


"Communism is being swept away, but so too is the social safety net it provided....Factories, previously kept alive only by edicts from Warsaw, are closing their doors, while institutions new to the East, soup kitchens and unemployment centers are opening theirs...Here are the ones who may profit from Poland’s economic freedom. A few slick locals, but mostly Americans, Japanese, and other foreigners out to cash in on a new source of cheap labor."

-- Reporter Bert Quint on CBS This Morning, May 9.

"These refugees have been told little about the realities of life in the West, including the fact that some people sleep on the street...They will soon learn that jobs are hard to find, consumer goods expensive, relatives in Albania will be missed. Many refugees, according to experts, will suffer from depression, and in some cases, drug abuse."

-- ABC’s Mike Lee on what’s facing fleeing Albanians, July 14 World News Tonight.