The Best of Notable Quotables; December 24, 1990

Vol. Three; No. 26

Award for the Silliest Analysis

"The reporters (at Capital News) work for a shining institution, basically the last uncorrupted institution you can find. Hospitals are corrupt. Judges are corrupt. Everybody in the world is corrupt. But our newspapers are essentially a monument to idealism."

-- Former Washington Post editor Christian Williams, Executive Producer of ABC’s short-lived series Capital News, April 9 Newark Star Ledger.


"In many ways, in outlook and behavior the U.S. has begun to act like a primitive warrior culture. We seem to believe that leadership is expressed, in no small part, by a willingness to cause the deaths of others....Our collective fantasies center on mayhem, cruelty, and violent death. Loving images of the human body -- especially of bodies seeking pleasure or expressing love -- inspire us with the urge to censor."

-- Time essayist Barbara Ehrenreich, October 15.

"It used to be that the United States was number one, dominant....So right now, we are fast losing our position as number one, Connie....Yes, we’re no longer dominant, we’re no longer the number one nation, we are no longer that number one, dominant nation. That’s the big change here now."

-- CBS economics reporter Ray Brady on the Evening News, July 8.