The Best of Notable Quotables; December 24, 1990

Vol. Three; No. 26

Joe Isuzu Foreign Correspondent Award

"But they [young people] are the healthiest and most educated young people in Cuba’s history. For that many of them say they have Castro and his socialist revolution to thank....if they long for the sweeping changes occurring in Eastern Europe, they are not saying so publicly....To the extent he can, Castro has been rewarding young people. For example, on their return home [from Angola], the 300,000 Cubans sent to Africa were first in line for housing, jobs, and education. Such benevolence breeds dedication, some young people say."

-- NBC reporter Ed Rabel, April 1 Nightly News.


"It’s almost impossible for most Americans to understand a government organization that monitors everything, that has tentacles reaching into all aspects of Soviet life. But keep in mind the KGB is like a combination of the CIA, the FBI, of the National Security Agency, the Secret Service, and the Coast Guard, too. From Lenin to Stalin to Gorbachev, its members have been a proud corps of the national elite, intelligent, talented, and fully in control. The officers of the KGB, in fact, decided reform was necessary long before Gorbachev came to power."

-- Diane Sawyer on ABC’s Prime Time Live, August 2.

"But Ortega, an irritant to Carter, became an obsession to Reagan, who saw him as an instrument of Moscow. The Contra rebels were the blunt instrument in Ronald Reagan’s attack on Daniel Ortega. Reagan’s dogged support for the Contras forever marked and ultimately scarred his foreign policy....Many of the Contras were former members of the Nicaraguan National Guard, Somoza’s enforcers. They were brutal, often inept...It has been one of the longest and most traumatic chapters in U.S. history in Latin America, and tonight it seems to be ending, and ending in a way Ronald Reagan never could have imagined."

-- NBC reporter John Dancy the day after Nicaragua’s election, February 26 Nightly News.