The Best of Notable Quotables; December 24, 1990

Vol. Three; No. 26

Dewey Defeats Truman Award

"Polls won’t close here for another thirty minutes, but the widespread belief that the Sandinistas will prevail has shifted thinking far beyond the ballot box. The topic of the day is: how will a freely elected Sandinista government be treated by the United States?"

-- NBC’s Ed Rabel in Nicaragua, February 25 Nightly News.


"The election observers say the Bush Administration may have itself to blame for Daniel Ortega’s rise in popularity among the voters. The reason, they say, is the U.S. military invasion in Panama. That was a move that was widely denounced here in Nicaragua. It was a close race until the U.S. invaded."

-- NBC reporter Ed Rabel four days before Nicaragua election, February 21 Nightly News.

"For the Bush Administration and the Reagan Administration before it, the [ABC News-Washington Post] poll hints at a simple truth: after years of trying to get rid of the Sandinistas, there is not much to show for their efforts."

-- Peter Jennings  five days before vote, World News Tonight, February 20.