The Best of Notable Quotables; December 24, 1990

Vol. Three; No. 26

Paul Ehrlich Ecological Panic Award

"If nothing is done to reverse ozone damage, scientists predict hundreds of millions of skin cancer cases in the U.S. alone, not to mention increased global warming that would turn much of the planet into a desert."

-- Reporter Mark Phillips on the January 16 CBS Evening News.


"The missteps, poor efforts and setbacks brought on by the Reagan years have made this a more sober Earth Day. The task seems larger now."

-- Today co-host Bryant Gumbel, April 20.

"Clean air and water, pure food and natural beauty, which most Californians were all for a few months ago, have been made to seem a radical and expensive idea that has to be rejected at the polls on Tuesday. The stakes are very high in California because environmentalists know that if the Big Green initiative happens to pass there, the idea of cleaning up the air and water could spread like wildfire to all the other states. The forces opposing it know that too."

-- Charles Kuralt on America Tonight, October 31.