The Best of Notable Quotables; December 24, 1990

Vol. Three; No. 26

Which Way Is It? Domestic Affairs

"When inflation is taken into account, it adds up to a cut in defense spending, and that’s the first time in a long time that has happened."

-- Bob Schieffer on the January 27 CBS Evening News.


"It’s easily overlooked, but the fact is, that in real terms, the defense budget has been going down every year since 1985. "

-- CBS News Pentagon correspondent David Martin on Nightwatch, January 31.


"If there’s anything that we heard out there at the polls today, it was the sound of Reaganomics crashing all around us. If there’s anything left of Reagan’s trickle-down theory, Dan, it seems to be anxiety which seems to be trickling down through just about every segment of our society."  

-- Ed Bradley during CBS News election night coverage, November 6.


"We have a lot of turnovers where Republican Governors raised taxes and they have been turned out."

-- Lesley Stahl, also during CBS election coverage.

“Spending and income rose slightly in Aug.”

-- Philadelphia Inquirer, September 27


“Spending, Income, Orders Fall”

-- Washington Post, same day