Lauren Thompson

Lauren Thompson is a staff writer and research analyst for the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications and Journalism from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Lauren gained extensive journalism experience as the press intern for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston, Texas and as the associate editor of Texas A&M College of Agriculture’s magazine the AgriLeader. She also interned for the House of Representatives and assisted with policy research.

Lauren was born and raised in east Texas, and holds true to the core values of the south. She is a devout conservative and strong defender of the Christian faith, and she will always bleed Aggie maroon.

Lauren hopes her voice will help limit the media’s war on traditional values and Christianity, and she seeks to eventually enter the field of political journalism and fight for the conservative movement. You can contact Lauren at

Author Articles
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The Real Dan Savage: The Bully against Bullying

Gay, anti-bullying activist despises Christians and refers to heterosexuals as ‘breeders’ in his books.
Media Research Center

NBC’s Brian Williams: ‘Unmitigated Joy’ Over Daughter’s Graphic TV Sex Scenes

Brian Williams couldn’t be more proud of his daughter for flaunting her goods on ‘Girls.
Media Research Center

Affair of the Century: HuffPo Hearts

Huffington Post has highlighted adultery website more than 600 times.
Media Research Center

Dan Savage: America has a ‘Christianity and a Bible problem’

Man thrown out of talk says anti-bullying speaker claimed ‘pope is projecting’ or ‘pope is secretly gay.’ 
Media Research Center

ABC’s ‘GCB’ Carves Own Twisted Version of 10 Commandments

Controversial show escalates agenda of mocking Christians with attack on Bible.
Media Research Center

HBO’s 'Girls': A Voice for the Worst Generation

Liberal critics rave about feminist plot where passionless sex, STDs and casual abortions abound.
Media Research Center

LifeTime’s ‘The Client List’: Selling Sex, Exploiting Women

Jennifer Love Hewitt is baring it all in her new show “The Client List.” Hewitt stars as Riley Parks, a down-on-her-luck Texan mother who turns to prostitution to deal with financial woes, and the ...
Media Research Center

YouTube: New Channels Cater to Lefties

From Young Turks to Chopra, liberals hold sway in site’s programs.
Media Research Center

For Women at ABC, Life’s a B****

 ‘Don’t Trust the B- in Apartment 23’ is more boringly ‘edgy’ sleaze.
Media Research Center

Easter ‘GCB’ Shills for Porn in Christian Marriages

Sunday is the Christian day of rest, “GCB” certainly didn’t. ABC pulled out all the stops in their Easter Sunday, two-hour episode titled “Turn the Other Cheek/Sex is Devine,” with the majority ...
Media Research Center

ABC’s DC Drama ‘Scandal’ Rabidly Anti-Conservative, Celebrates Gays in Military

Premiere attacks conservative values and depicts decorated war hero as secretly gay.

‘Good Christian’ Bashing Show Gets Racial

New episode ‘Forbidden Fruit’ brings anti-Christian attacks to total of 137.
Media Research Center

Christian NASCAR Driver Blake Koch Loses Sponsor after ESPN Pulls Ad

Network claimed ‘Rise Up and Register’ had too many ‘political and religious overtones.’
Media Research Center

Predictable: Katy Perry’s Patriotic Video Draws Lefty Ire

‘Feminist’ author states singer’s Marines video is propaganda.
Media Research Center

Even Good Episode for ‘GCB’ Has 20 Attacks on Christianity

“GCB” managed to dial down its cheap dialogue in March 25’s episode, but only barely. A “good” day for the “Good Christian” show still fired up to 20 shots on Christians and along with attacks ...
Media Research Center

Katy Perry Goes Pro-Military in New Music Video

Singer’s video ‘Part of Me’ plugs American Marines and soldiers.
Media Research Center

Hollywood Left Backs Convicted Cop-Killer Mumia with New Documentary

Liberal media ignore Mumia’s heinous crime, plug his new documentary.
Media Research Center

‘GCB’: Come for the Christian-Baiting, Stay for the Bad Sex Jokes

If “Love is Patient” then why does “GCB” feel the need to devote an entire episode solely to sexual self-gratification in marriage? 
Media Research Center

'American Idol' Tries to Idle Worship

Singer Colton Dixon is utterly devoted to his Christian faith, but “American Idol” producers don’t think he has a prayer of winning the competition.
Media Research Center

‘Good Christian’ Show Attacks Christians 72 Times in 2 Episodes

“Hell Hath No Fury,” the second episode in ABC’s unholy mess “GCB,” was even worse than the pilot. Despite the vain and meager PR attempts by its Jesus-touting stars, the show's true agenda of ...